Shannon Sharpe Sits FRONT Row At NBA Game … In $10K Seats … Allegedly w/ ‘Gay Stylist’ Friend!!!

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe has actually remained in the news recently, after he flew off the deal with and attempted to eliminate members of the Memphis Grizzlies basketball group, throughout Friday night’s game.

Shannon’s violent outburst appeared out of character for the typically jolly television analyst. According to Shannon, he felt “disrespected” due to the fact that among the Memphis Grizzles whispered under his breath “f*ck you” to Shannon and he felt the requirement to stand and make a scene.

It was nearly like Shannon was attempting to impress his date for the night – and reveal his date just how much of a “male” he was.

Of course, Shannon didn’t have a “date” that night, Media Take Out has actually discovered.

But we do have some tea from that night. Shannon was not alone at the game. Media Take Out validated that Shannon was sitting front row, in seats that cost north of $10,000 each, with his “buddy” and stylist “Hollywood” Mugler.

So who is this male, Hollywood Mugler?

Well, according to his social networks post, he’s Shannon’s individual stylist. Hollywood does not note any of his other customers on his now personal Instagram page’s bio.

It’s unclear why Shannon Sharpe would provide his male “stylist” $10,000 tickets to a Friday night Lakers game.

And there’s more. Hollywood Mugler bears a striking similarity to another Los Angeles stylist called Russell “Hollywood” Simpson (more on him in a 2nd). Media Take Out has actually not had the ability to verify that the 2 are one-in-the-same, however they do look a lot like each other.

Here’s an image of Hollywood Mugler, with Shannon at the game:

Here’s a screenshot from his IG page, revealing photos of him:

And here’s Russell Hollywood Simpson, the male who “Hollywood Mugler” looks like – from about 8 years ago:

Now the tea on Russell “Hollywood” Simpson. You’ll recall back in 2012, Hollywood Simpson came out and surprised the world declaring that he was continuing a gay love with then-NFL star Kerry Rhodes.

Pics dripped of the 2 males using matching clothes, and hugged up on each other – and those photos went viral.

While Kerry rejected the claims, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson provided a series of interviews where he validated that he and Kerry were fans – and he provided graphic intimate information about their encounters.

Here’s Hollywood, discussing his discreet encounter with previous NFL gamer Kerry Rhodes:

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