‘Double Cross’ Premiere Exclusive: Tiffany Tells Brian That Eric Is Still Alive—‘You’re Gonna Die!’


An ALLBLK series is back for a FOURTH season this Thursday and .’s got a special very first appearance.

Double Cross

Source: ALLBLK / Double Cross

As formerly reported, “Double Cross” concentrates on the vigilante marvel twins Eric Cross [Jeff Logan] and Erica Cross [Ashley A. Williams] who choose to take matters into their own hands after an unexpected increase of sex trafficking in their community. Haunted by their past, they set down a course of their distinct brand name of justice.

Now all bets are off in season 4 premiering Thursday, February 16. 

A news release reports that the occasions of last season have actually left the Cross brother or sisters in a crisis! Erica (Ashley A. Williams) learnt the terrible reality about the male she likes, Robin (Judi Johnson) is dealing with the truth of life behind bars and Eric’s (Jeff Logan) life depends on the balance. It appears all is lost, however the Cross brother or sisters never ever quit.

This Season, the pressure is on…Erica should act rapidly to keep the brother or sisters undamaged, as they continue their mission to remove kid trafficking…however this time beginning at the top. However intending high raises the stakes, making their objective more tough than ever. And no great deed goes unpunished, as Nurse Brian (Faith Malonte) and Tiffany (Cameo Sherrell) continue with their meaningless self-destructing shenanigans and playing with fire…likewise called the Cross household. Meanwhile, Detective Ryan (Darrin Dewitt Henson) is laser-focused and lastly surrounding who was accountable for the human auction…however at what expense?

Returning cast members this season consist of Tremayne Norris(The Young and the Restless), Jasmine Brown (comic and social networks influencer @watchjazzy), Redaric Williams (The Young and the Restless), and Candice Van Beauty (Christmas Déjà Vu).

Double Cross Season 4 Premiere Clip

In a clip from the season premiere, we see a worried Tiffany speaking with Brian about a BIG error she made.

Tiffany attempted to get Eric however obviously, something’s gone awry. She attempted to inject the vigilante with a deadly dosage of potassium chloride, however Eric is either fortunate or more powerful than the nurse believes.

Not just did Tiffany’s prepare stop working however she intentionally revealed Eric her face so he would “understand why she was eliminating him.”

“Let me offer you a hug now, due to the fact that you’re gonna pass away,” states Brian. “Why was you attempting to to eliminate Eric Cross in the very first location?!” he asks incredulously.

“I’m sorry, have we satisfied?” reacts Tiffany. “To hurt Erica!”

Brian obviously believes it’s all over.

“And now they’re gonna harm you,” he states.

Is it over for Tiffany? Maybe not, due to the fact that she’s got a strategy.

Take a special appearance listed below.

What occurs next? You can learn when Double Cross premieres TOMORROW, February 16 on ALLBLK.

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