WeTV Recruits A New Lineup Of Jail Baes For Upcoming Season Of ‘Love During Lockup’

Just as the season is beginning to unwind for “Life After Lockup,” WeTELEVISION does it once again!

Love During Lockup


Wetelevision simply dropped an explosive brand-new trailer for the upcoming season of “Love During Lockup,” their other “Love After Lockup” spinoff. Check out the trailer listed below:

That was A LOT. We’re currently questioning what had Tai going bananas like that.

Love During Lockup files the remarkable drama that unfolds when regular individuals very first choose to pursue relationships with jail prisoners and deal with an early dating duration filled with a really particular set of distinct difficulties. Lonely non-cons and ‘hot’ felons attempt to keep their love alive with general delivery letters, costly telephone call, periodic video gos to, and jail propositions…all while needing to sustain the heartbreak and disappointment of the unforeseeable jail system. Season 2 follows 4 brand-new couples, an excited bachelor, and a returning singleton who can’t withstand the lure of admirers in the clink. With more drama, secret, and insane exposes than ever previously, will these couples have love that lasts till release?

Meet The “Love During Lockup” Season 2 Jail Baes

Meet the romance-ready civilians and prisoners:

Chelsea & Mike (Richwood, OH)

Battling a sensation of solitude, Chelsea discovered herself having a look at a Facebook prisoner pen buddy group, where she fulfilled Michael. Ever figured out, Michael started to teach himself ASL to get in touch with Chelsea – a task no guy had actually ever tried for Chelsea, who is deaf. Only having actually interacted in 30-second videograms and letters, she hopes a scheduled jail check out will provide the opportunity to fulfill in person so they can lastly check in individual. But will the unexpected secret she discovers Michael throughout their very first check out doom the relationship?

Emily & Dauri (Union, NJ)

Falling in love with a prisoner was the last thing Emily anticipated, specifically amidst pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. However, after getting in touch with the captivating Dauri, through a pen buddy advertisement, it now appears like this powerhouse will let anything slide, even frauds and unfaithful – however just if it includes a huge ring…that she’s utilizing his stimulus cash to purchase! Though they’ve been together for 4 years, Emily has actually never ever in fact seen Dauri face to face and their pals can’t assistance however concern her options and if she’s concealing something or doing some scamming of her own. Could the non-con be fooling the prisoner this time?

Melissa & Louie (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

“Jersey Girl” Melissa’s mission for prince captivating had actually lost, till one day at work as a mail provider, she discovered prisoner letters. This led her to an unanticipated jail pen buddy of her own…her old high school crush, Louie. Though these love birds have actually crossed courses in the past, they ran in different circles and Melissa couldn’t withstand this chance to re-connect. Facing general displeasure from her outspoken household, her dad’s rejection to stroll her down the aisle, and sensations of solitude that lead her to a jail spouses group…Melissa stays incredibly in love and figured out to transfer to Georgia to be lastly be with bad kid Louie.

Jessica & Dustin (Jacksonville, FL)

After an untidy divorce, Jessica pursued a profession in Corrections Nursing as a method to overcome her ex and have a sense of control over guys. Then, whatever altered when she fulfilled prisoner Dustin and she picked to compromise her profession to follow her heart. Although she lost her task, Jessica acquired the love of her life and is now all set to uproot her life and transfer to Tennessee to be with him after his release – however not without satisfying his household initially.

Mark (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Mark is an enthusiastic guy with 2 organizations and love of travel and experience. Despite his hectic schedule, Mark has actually reserved time to discover “the one.” After months of stopped working dating app connections, Mark discovered a prisoner pen buddy group on Facebook and his natural interest led him down a bunny hole. What began on an impulse has actually become a mission for love and Mark makes certain there are amazing females who are his type – “insane women” – awaiting him. Never one to put all his eggs in one basket, utilizing numerous jail pen buddy groups, this bachelor hopes of one day turning a psychological connection into a physical one.

Tai (Buffalo, NY) – RETURNING

The supreme serial prisoner dater, Tai, is back! Despite her pals attempting to get to the bottom of why such a catch constantly opts for struggling guys, Tai continues pursuing jailbirds including her #1 prisoner Hottie, who proposes despite the fact that Tai has actually fulfilled his sweetheart, Boston. Never a guy’s 2nd option and with alternatives aplenty, Tai is likewise speaking with prisoner BB and brand-new capture Dough Boy when her manager at the funeral house, Rinaldo, begins to have sensations for her and advises Tai to choose a safe option like him. How will Tai manage her engagement, a number of prisoner sweethearts, and a totally free world guy? Will among her locked-up enthusiasts discover her secret relationship on the exterior?

More intense couples are all set to browse “Love During Lockup” in WE television’s 2nd season of the most recent spinoff of the hit franchise, premiering Friday, October 21 at 9pm ET.

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