Sanaa Lathan Shares Candid Memories About How Working On ‘Miserable Sets’ Helped Inspire Her Directorial Debut

The most current terrific actor to go into directing is Sanaa Lathan for On The Come Up. The film is a coming-of-age drama based upon The Hate U Give author Angie Thomas’ book of the very same name. Following the starlet’ over 25 years in the market, significantly in contemporary traditional movies like Love & Basketball, Blade and Alien vs. Predator, Lathan shared how her experiences resulted in supporting the cam and helming a function for the very first time. 

When CinemaBlend spoke with Sanaa Lathan about On The Come Up, which is now in theaters and streaming with a Paramount+ subscription, the 2022 Emmy-nominated actor shared what influenced her to shift into a larger function in her Hollywood profession. In her words: 

I dealt with a lot of terrific directors, my wishing to direct most likely came more from dealing with directors who I didn’t love [laughs] sadly, and I will not call those, however, yeah, simply for many years you recognize, ‘Oh wow. I have a viewpoint. I have a vision for this.’ I’ve been so blessed and lucky to be able to star in lots of films where you’re on set throughout the day, every day for several years. And that in and of itself is an education. So yeah, I’ve had both the experience of individuals who I wanna resemble and individuals I do not wanna resemble.

Often we speak about the favorable impacts that contribute in leveling up in life, however there are lots of circumstances when we end up being individuals we want having unfavorable experiences and not wishing to feel the pain we’ve felt previously. Sanaa Lathan got sincere about dealing with several directors in the previous she didn’t have a satisfying time dealing with, together with recognizing she had her own eye for lagging the cam to bring an imaginative vision to life on movie. Lathan continued:  

I understand for a reality that the director sets the tone for the set and I’ve been on a great deal of unpleasant sets, sadly. And I’ve been on sets that are terrific, where you seem like a household and there resembles an energy and going towards informing the story from every element. And I desired individuals to be delighted to come to work, to be thrilled to come to work. And when they’re finished with the film to have fond memories therefore for me, it was really crucial to set a terrific tone and keep everyone boosted and thrilled towards the informing of this story.

Lathan, who just recently gained Emmy recognition for the first time for guest starring on HBO’s hit series Succession, together with voicing Catwoman in the Harley Quinn series, shown CinemaBlend that she actually made an effort to make her stars seem like a “household” and in a total excellent environment as On The Come Up’s director. When I spoke with among her young stars, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, he echoed Lathan’s hopes also. Gutierrez-Riley stated the actor/director was “incredibly nurturing and encouraging” to them, whilst likewise “challenging” them to increase to the celebration throughout among his very first acting gigs. 

On The Come Up stars newbie Jamila Gray as Bri, a teenager who has goals to be the next terrific rap artist. Sanaa Lathan pulls double task, likewise playing Bri’s mom, who is having a hard time to attend to her kids after the murder of her other half. The film, which likewise stars Method Man and Mike Epps, follows the teenager as she discovers viral popularity and how she browses being a young rap artist in the market. 

On The Come Up, which has actually discovered favorable evaluations in general on Rotten Tomatoes, remains in theaters and streaming now. 


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