PnB Rock Case: Man Implicated In Murder Breaks His Silence

Following the news that a suspect has actually been called and one detained in PnB Rock’s murder by the Los Angeles Police Department, another guy is looking for to clear his name and make certain everybody understands that he had absolutely nothing to do with the rap artist’s death.

A male called Freddie Lee Trone has actually been called as an individual of interest in the murder of the Philadelphia native. Sadly, PnB Rock was gunned down at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles on September 12. Police have considering that arrested a 17-year-old man believed to be the triggerman and also the son of Freddie Lee Trone.

The guy who has actually stepped forward to clear his name is a videographer by the name Emmanuel Danquah who operates in Minneapolis. He likewise does photography and passes the pseudonym South Side Chief. Apparently, he has actually been connected to the criminal activity by different unqualified online and social networks private investigators who think that he might have had the rap artist eliminated due to the fact that of an argument they had on Instagram Live in 2021 over a taken tee shirt style.

Many of the unqualified PIs have actually likewise modified clips and have actually declared incorrectly that the 2 had beef quickly prior to the “Middle Child” rap artist was eliminated.

Danquah looked for to clarify throughout a current interview with the Drea O Show. He specified that he had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of PnB Rock. He likewise repeated that he was no place near the location which he did not make some kind of OG call hit.

Added to that, he stated he and the late rap artist were on respectable terms prior to the shooting and were even preparing a charity boxing match together in an effort to raise funds to assist reconstruct Minneapolis following the damage triggered throughout the 2020 George Floyd demonstrations.

He stated the last time they spoke, the 2 were excellent with each other and explained PnB as a genuine one. Danquah went on to state that the “Selfish” rap artist was even going to provide him an opportunity that would alter both of their lives through the battle that they were promoting. He stays grateful to him for that, he included.

When the allegations started to fly, he stated that he felt a huge selection of various feelings, particularly considering that the web put the label of a killer on him. He included it was tough to see the accusers utilize video out of context and simply kept up it.

“I simply desire individuals to understand that they can’t constantly think what they see on the web. If you see the video, I’m like 200 pounds much heavier and they attempted to make it appear like that was the very same day [as Rock’s murder],” he continued.

According to Danquah, the authorities have actually not even called him, and if they do, he has absolutely nothing to conceal. However, he did reveal some hesitancy with needing to speak to the authorities for worry of how he would be dealt with as a black guy.

The argument in concern appears extremely not likely to lead to murder. The 2 guys had a spat after the rap artist was implicated of taking his tee shirt style including a picture of the uprising in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death.

Things did get heated up however the most the risks intensified to was Danquah threatening to nab PnB Rock’s chain. In subsequent interviews, Danquah even confessed to decorating the argument to get some more influence on the web.


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