KeKe Palmer & Her Boyfriend Darius Jackson Ki Ki About How They Learned She Was Pregnant


Initially, Ke Ke Palmer didn’t think she was pregnant, up until her boo Darius Jackson called her with the stunning news.

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On Tuesday, the previous kid star shared the funny tale on her podcast, Baby This Is Keke Palmer.

The Nope star’s mama signed up with through Zoom as she shared the story.

“It’s so amusing due to the fact that how I learnt was really Darius,” she remembered. “Randomly I was simply feeling to myself, possibly I might be pregnant. Like the duration thing didn’t even occur yet. Maybe this is the time.”

She continued, “So I took the test and it returned unfavorable … I didn’t have the lines on there, so I simply tossed it in the garbage.”

So, the 29 years of age continued service as typical and participated in a “casual work supper”. In the middle of tossing back saké, she gets a text from Jackson asking about when she took the test. He accompanied the message with a picture of the favorable test outcomes.

Excitedly Palmer proclaimed, “I didn’t wait enough time! And I’m like, ‘I took that earlier today, like actually simply some hours prior to I excluded.’

She exposed Jackson then stated, ‘Well, you much better get to be consuming water in your sight. Cause I’m purchasing 10 of these things today. You take them all when you get house.’

The NAACP award winner states she took all 10 successive tests and the outcomes were all the very same. Positive!

That’s when Jackson inserted to share his variation of the story to “set the record directly”.

“I was not digging in the garbage can… the maid, she simply cleared out the garbage. So, when I went to the restroom, I only simply see one product inside the garbage and it was the pregnancy test,” he revealed. “Then I simply see the line and it was not even faint. It was really a really thin line, strong directly.”

He explained the surreal minute of purchasing 10 pregnancy tests like a scene from a “rom-com film”.

“We had them lined up. I had like, 2, 3 bottles of water prepared for Keke when she returned, consuming a lot of water,” Jackson shared. “And then throughout the next 2 hours, [the tests] simply kept [being] favorable, favorable, favorable, favorable.”

Twitter hilariously responded to how Keke learned of her bun in the oven.

One user published an amusing GIF from an SNL sketch.

Another user published a GIF in reaction of the infant response to mommy downing the liquor.

@TheCindyNoir believes no matter a female’s age, their pregnancy constantly appears early.

“Keke Palmer being pregnant has actually changed my understanding of time fr. I’m actually at that age where pregnancy is more of an event than an “oh shit” kinda thing. I still see Women getting pregnant at our age as teen pregnancy.”

The brown skin charm revealed she was with kid as she made her launching as the host of Saturday Night Live.

“There’s some reports walking around, individuals have actually remained in my remarks stating, ‘Keke’s having a child, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I wanna set the record directly — I am!” She then significantly swung open her coat exposing her baby-filled stomach.

“I gotta state, however, it is bad when individuals on the web spread reports about you y’all, however it’s even worse when they’re appropriate. I indicate, like, I was attempting so tough to keep it on the down low, trigger I got a great deal of things going on, you understand?” she joked.

She concluded with,”But truthfully this has actually been the greatest true blessing, and I am so ecstatic. Guys, I’m going to be a mama.”

We should confess that motherhood radiance looks glowing on our cousin KeKe.

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