Jeffrey Dahmer Survivor’s Former Lawyer Reveals How Traumatic The Experience Was After Netflix Series Revisits

The true crime miniseries Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has actually taken Netflix by storm. It has actually stayed the No. 1 series on the streamer for a while, however the program has actually likewise dealt with fantastic criticism. Many have actually spoken up versus it, consisting of brother or sisters of Dahmer’s victims and the journalist who broke the story first. Now, the legal representative of among Damer’s victims that made it through has actually spoken up about how distressing his experience with the killer was.

Paul Ksicinski represented Tracy Edwards, who had actually gotten away from Dahmer’s house in 1991. After he got away, he flagged down a police car, and with a set of handcuffs spending time among his wrists, informed the officers that he was practically eliminated by Dahmer. This triggered the examination that caused Dahmer’s arrest. This was likewise when Dahmer admitted to eliminating 17 individuals. Edwards’ story is displayed in the very first episode of Dahmer, nevertheless, Ksicinski described that Edwards’ life deviated for the worst after his experience with the serial killer. The legal representative described to Fox News

The manner in which I’ve defined it, in a nutshell, is that the event with Dahmer made Tracy into Humpty Dumpty – he was never ever able to put the pieces back together in his life. At times, he might have appeared and even seemed like, for an absence of a much better term, typical. But he was not. He might never ever get his life together once again after that. He mistreated drugs and consumed alcohol exceedingly. He had no house. He simply wandered from location to location. It ruined his life. I wear’t understand how or what he might have done to put things back together once again.

Since enduring this encounter, Edwards has actually been prosecuted for a number of criminal activities. In 2011 Ksicinski took Edwards as a customer, this was because Edwards was implicated of tossing a guy off a bridge and to his death. The legal representative kept in mind that Edwards has actually constantly been haunted by what Dahmer did, and it still affects him. 

He called Dahmer the devil. I ultimately pertained to identify he never ever looked for any type of mental or psychiatric treatment for what took place to him. Instead, he selected to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs on the street. He didn’t enter into treatment since that would trigger him to need to remember what took place. But he mentioned what took place to him. He explained smelling death when he went into Dahmer’s house, how Dahmer put his head on his chest, so he can hear his heart beat. He explained how Dahmer stated, ‘I’m going to need to consume your heart.’

Ksicinski kept in mind that Edwards has actually constantly taken obligation for what he did. He likewise described that Edwards did not request for any of this, and it makes good sense that he does not wish to remember what took place to him. This tracks with what Rita Isbell, the sister of Errol Lindsey, a victim of Dahmer’s, stated. She kept in mind that when she enjoyed the program it made her seem like she was reliving what took place, and it revived the feelings she felt in those minutes. Edwards’ legal representative acknowledged how tough this circumstance is on those who experience it, stating: 

Post-terrible tension condition is genuine. It’s not something that’s produced. People suffer extremely terrible occasions, and it’s various for every single individual in regards to how they manage it. You wear’t understand what that individual has actually gone through or how they’re coping. And it may assist to understand that prior to passing judgment.

Evan Peters has brought lots of troubling characters to life, however Dahmer is among the most wicked. While the program has actually been among the most popular on the 2022 TV schedule, great deals of stories have actually come out about how unpleasant it is, and how victims have actually needed to handle their injury given that Dahmer was captured.  


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