Cobra Kai’s Yuji Okumoto Talks His Nude Scene In Season 5, And One Idea He Thought Would Be Funny

From its strong start to its wild ending, Cobra Kai Season 5 provided some significant minutes that’ll have fans disputing particular things till Season 6 shows up, and they definitely should. Of course, since this season was so extreme and action-packed, fans may neglect a few of the truly amusing minutes that assisted stabilize things out in the middle of the more mentally heavy series. One of those lighter minutes was Chozen’s naked scene, for instance, which Yuji Okumoto just recently opened about.

Yuji Okumoto, who returned as Chozen Toguchi and probably provided Season 5’s greatest efficiency, spoke with EW about the humorous scene. In it, Amanda LaRusso left to the household swimming pool just to be welcomed by a naked Chozen. Okumoto remembered how he responded when he initially checked out the scene in the script, which resulted in a quite relatable demand:

When I saw that [in the script], I stated, ‘Oh my God, seriously? I’ve gotta reveal my butt on electronic camera? I stated, ‘I do not understand if they wish to see an old man’s butt. Maybe you ought to get someone else to do this.

The Cobra Kai star then went on to verify that he did undoubtedly have a “butt double” for the scene in concern. So, for the record, anybody with a Netflix subscription who viewed Season 5 and believed they saw Yuji Okumoto’s tuckus on their tv screen, was deceived by a little bit of Hollywood magic. 

The star continued speaking about the naked scene, which was made additional humorous by Amanda’s surprised response to seeing his character in the enthusiast. The Karate Kid Part II alum likewise exposed that he had a tip to make the scene even funnier, however was shot down: 

I really desired [Chozen to be holding] a little towel, and they provided me a larger towel rather. It would have been amusing if he was holding this small little face towel.

I concur that Chozen holding a smaller sized towel would’ve been funnier from a comical viewpoint however perhaps simply a bit too racy for this type of program. Cobra Kai features plenty of tense action, however it’s not truly the type of program that’s understood for program it’s characters totally (or almost) naked. Interestingly, the showrunners did avoid crossing the “point of no return” in other aspects. For circumstances, they decided not to have Chozen pass away at the hands of Terry Silver.

Despite this, it definitely seems like the program might get a bit more fully grown in its tone, particularly if the trainees do wind up heading overseas to contend in the Sekai Taikai competition. But still, I’d envision that nudity will not be something that the manufacturers will intend to broaden upon as the program continues to dive into much deeper area. So with that, those who might really be trying to find naked scenes will simply need to choose Chozen’s A+ minute in Season 5.

If you have not currently, stream all seasons Cobra Kai over on Netflix and consider the questions some of us have after Season 5. Now is the ideal time for a rewatch while we wait on Season 6, or for that new Karate Kid movie that allegedly has absolutely nothing to do with the program.


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