Chicago Fire Showrunners Open Up About What’s Next For Severide’s Dangerous Storyline And That (Spoiler) Cameo In Season 11 Premiere

Spoilers ahead for the Season 11 best of Chicago Fire, called “Hold On Tight.”

Chicago Fire went back to get where Season 10 ended with a major cliffhanger, and Stella and Severide’s honeymoon was disrupted in practically the worst method. After Severide made some opponents towards completion of last season, they chose to crash the happy couple’s wedding night, and it’s primarily due to Stellaride’s fast reflexes and nerve that they both made it through enough time for the authorities to get here. The bad men lag bars, however according to Fire showrunners, this harmful story isn’t over, and there’s a reason that the Chicago P.D. cameo took place. 

While Severide was eased that he and his brand-new partner made it through the instant risk of the attack on their wedding event night, he was stressed out throughout the remainder of the episode when the unclean police officer who enabled it to take place wasn’t determined. He went to Commander Pearce at CPD for assistance, and the police officer on the take who was being utilized for an examination was burned. 

It was a rough episode for Firehouse 51’s Squad lieutenant, however he did open to Stella at the end about how he was sorry for that his choice to affirm put her life in risk. When showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman spoke to CinemaBlend about the Season 11 best, I kept in mind that it was fantastic to see Severide really interacting with Stella in the episode, which may not have actually held true not too long back. 

Andrea Newman concurred about what she called the “growth” of Severide, and shared that they had “talked about that a lot” as part of charting the evolution of his character. When then asked if “Hold On Tight” was the end of this storyline involving the CPD for Taylor Kinney’s character, Derek Haas explained:

No, it’s just the beginning of the storyline, because there’s this question that hung over the episode, which was, how did that guy with the knife get into the courthouse last year when Severide was there? Well, obviously, he had help, as you find out in this episode, but we don’t know who that cop is.

Severide’s most recent near-death experience prior to the Season 11 premiere happened in an unlikely place: a courthouse. Their scuffle ended with Severide knocking his attacker out of a window in a very clear case of self-defense, but it was never explained how his attacker even got to him in that building while armed. As Derek Haas noted, he had help, and not all questions were answered in “Hold On Tight.” The co-showrunner elaborated:

It seems like the cops are kind of closing ranks around this guy, and that’s not just something that’s going to be explored in one episode. We’ll continue that going.

Severide did get his way to a certain extent in the episode after he recruited the help of Commander Pearce and managed to go above the head of his CPD contact who wasn’t giving any ground, but he hasn’t gotten everything. For One Chicago fans who also watch Chicago P.D., the morally gray use of criminal informants and sometimes letting bad things happen so that they can focus on the much worse bigger picture is nothing new. 

But Kelly Severide is no Hank Voight, and just trusting that the CPD would eventually bring this dirty cop to justice wasn’t enough for him. He first reached out to a familiar face by contacting Chicago P.D.’s Detective Upton (played by Tracy Spiridakos), who also appeared in late Season 10 to help bust the bad guys. If he thought that Upton would pull some strings and out the cop to help him, he was very wrong. Andrea Newman explained the decision to bring in Upton:

We looped Upton into it for a reason, because she was dealing with the informant element of policing last season. Right at the start, she’s the one Severide goes to. We love those worlds intersecting, and that’s very much a part of it.

Will Severide’s ongoing storyline after the attack on his wedding night result in more appearances from Chicago P.D. characters? Only time will tell on that front, although there may not be much time for Jesse Lee Soffer to appear as Detective Halstead. The actor is leaving One Chicago part of the way through Season 10 of Chicago P.D. Fire’s Season 11 premiere also packed in plenty of developments for other characters, including a new challenge for Stella as lieutenant and some problem for Brettsey carriers

See what occurs next on Chicago Fire with brand-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, in between Chicago Med Season 8 (which returned with some developments for Will and Hannah) at 8 p.m. and the progressively “unpleasant” (as showrunner Gwen Sigan described it) Chicago P.D. with its new theme at 10 p.m. in the 2022 TV schedule.


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