Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Paying To Undermine Female Rappers

Azealia Banks is once again going off on Nicki Minaj, whom she implicated of trying to screw up among her service offers, which she is “broke” and apparently pays blog sites to make other rap artists’ lives hard.

Banks is not a good friend or fan of Minaj, and this wouldn’t be the very first caustic tirade directed at the Queens rap artist.

On Friday, Azalea published numerous Instagram Stories where she declared that the 39-year-old rap artist had actually paid the 2 bartenders that had sued Cardi B and she likewise implicated her of paying Tasha K to pursue Cardi while declaring that she was broke and owed many individuals.

“Imagine how pissed off @nickiminaj is to have actually paid 100k+ for them women legal representatives, put them in a video with weirdo tekashi for them to just get $5,000 a pop. Nicki desired cardi to get struck with a felony and have her passport given up so she might no longer take a trip beyond the nation. Imagine the salt on her rim when she pays Tasha k to lie and cardi wins a 4m benefit in court. Imagine owing Rushka Bergman cash for styling you. Imagine getting informed no by @monotofficial then heading out to acquire it,” Azalea stated.

Nicki Minaj has actually not reacted to the accusations. She was just recently found using Monot Official for her “Love In The Way” single with Bleu.

Azealia Banks also alleged that Nicki Minaj put her hair stylist, most likely Arrogant Tae, on retainer however then asked him to work for totally free.

“Imagine being so envious that you put your hair stylist on retainer, informing him he can no longer deal with long time pals, just to reverse and ask him to work for totally free due to the fact that ur cash is f**ked up an all the barbs and blog sites you pay to attempt and make female rap artists lives hard,” she stated.

“Nicki Minaj is Broke like, Broke Broke. Scamming production business for personal jets and leased homes type of broke,” Banks declared.

Banks likewise declared that Minaj was declined for other service endeavors which apparently declined to work for her.

“Gossip blog sites and this incredibly unentertaining Chickenhead media character doesn’t work. It’s awful acting sis. Stop shouting into your phone like you have no sense…Queen radio dropped from Apple, you got turned down by Netflix and HBO Max…then attempted to offer @bronstudios a warning about dealing with me when possibilities are they’re most likely not even going to launch your documentary after how nasty you were to them and how revolting they all believe you are,” Banks composed.

Azealia Banks Instagram Story

Azealia Banks tirades likewise continued with her informing the rap artist to go to rehab and declared that she insinuated that the rap artist was addicted to opioids. “you can’t travel to specific nations with those compounds. And we wear’t wanna see you have a seizure attempting to give up opioids without medical support.”

Nicki Minaj has actually not reacted to Banks although she is declaring that the “Super Freaky Girl” utilizes drugs. Last week, Minaj submitted a suit for disparagement versus a YouTuber who declared that she was apparently a drug user and she has videos of her utilizing the drug. Minaj challenged that she utilized drugs and used to get her hair checked to show that she doesn’t.


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