Anansa Sims Supports Matt Barnes After Spitting Incident With Her Erratic Ex, Releases Receipts Alleging Harassment–‘I’m Exhausted’


Anansa Sims has actually pertained to her future husband Matt Barnes’ defense after he spat on her ex-husband David Patterson Jr. She specified that the incident taken place after the bitter child daddy baited Barnes after currently bugging and threatening to eliminate them BOTH on several events.

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As formerly reported, Patterson was spotted encountering Barnes prior to the 49er’s championship game at Levi Stadium. The 2 had a heated exchange prior to the All The Smoke podcast host hocked a loogie the guy’s method.

Immediately following the incident, Barnes filed a restraining order in L.A. detailing that the previous NFL gamer was the assailant and had actually constantly threatened him. Now Anansa is backing Matt and required to Instagram to expose the degree of the harassment. She consisted of text and an excerpt from a court file to support her claims.

Anansa Sims Releases Receipts Of Alleged David Patterson Jr. Harassment

In the design’s prolonged post, she declares that Patterson intensified his unpleasant habits towards her and Matt after their engagement in December. She likewise declared that Patterson threatened to desert his kids and “distressed” them in several methods consisting of informing them his strategies to quit his 50/50 visitation rights.

“Matt doesn’t deserve this unfavorable reaction. My Ex Husband David Patterson has actually been bugging Matt and I for many years. The harassment from David intensified after our Christmas engagement.”

“In the month of January alone my Ex has actually called the cops to our house 5 times on incorrect claims people having actually an arranged check out. Each time I’ve revealed the various officers our Talking Parent messages validating that we in truth did not have actually a see set up. This has actually been incredibly shocking for our kids and next-door neighbors.”

Anansa, 44, likewise declares that Patterson has actually consistently made hazards to shoot her with his Glock pistol and likewise threatened to run her over to “enjoy all the blood leakage out of her body.” She included that comparable hazards were reached Matt also.

“He likewise threatened to eliminate Matt with his Glock several times in front of our kids,” composed Anansa. “Thankfully I had the ability to tape-record him stating these hazards on video, which in addition to his other troubling habits helped in the Judge approving me with the limiting order on him.”

Ansnas states that her ex-husband is so unhinged that he is making claims versus Matt’s twin young boys by making “abhorrent incorrect harmful allegations to authorities versus them” and included that she’s personally submitted limiting orders consisting of a 3-year limiting order in 2017 “due to domestic violence and David threatening to eliminate me and himself several times.”

Regarding the viral 49ers video game incident, Anansa states her ex confessed to being envious of the way of life that Matt can offer, and thinks the incident was all part of Patterson’s wicked strategy to damage Barnes’ podcast and ESPN profession. She declares that Patterson was baiting Matt into striking him. 

“It’s public understanding that Matt is a big 49ers fan and David understood Matt would be at the video game,” composed Anansa. “Giving David a chance to method Matt. David began the run-in, which led to Matt’s reaction. Unfortunately, the electronic cameras just caught Matt’s response, not the entire incident.”

“Due to David’s history of constant harassment, after the run-in at the 49ers video game Matt submitted a limiting order versus David and the judge approved it. Matt hesitated to do this, however I am so grateful that he did what was required to safeguard himself and our household.”

Elsewhere in the prolonged note, she declares that Patterson’s future husbandé submitted a sham limiting order on Matt declaring that he was bugging her–regardless of Matt never ever satisfying the female personally. The female later on willingly dropped the limiting order, states Anansa.

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Ultimately, Anansa states she is tired as handling harassment of this magnitude has actually ended up being beyond draining pipes.

“At this point I’m tired, David has actually exceeded and beyond to injure Matt and I and it has actually regrettably impacted our kids. It breaks my heart that Matt is being blamed for this run-in,” composed Anansa.

“My Ex has actually been bugging Matt and his twin boys, 2 innocent kids who have actually not done anything incorrect. Matt was protecting himself at Levi Stadium in a circumstance that David deliberately produced to provoke Matt and injure our household. I hope my Ex Husband gets the assistance he requires for the sake of our kids and for the security of Matt and I. God Bless.”

An declared insane ex is truly not to be had fun with and judges must need people who have orders of security versus them to total therapy to reverse their illogical thinking.

Hopefully, Patterson will proceed and permit Matt and Anansa to live out their gladly ever after. Best wants to the 2 of them.

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