De La Soul – Memory of… (US) ft. Estelle, Pete Rock

Memory of… (US) featuring Estelle & Pete Rock is from De La Soul’s 2016 No. 1 Rap Album ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’ Order Here: Vinyl also available:…



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34 responses to “De La Soul – Memory of… (US) ft. Estelle, Pete Rock”

  1. Thought it was great. Loved seeing this colab.
    I'll get grief for this. As I went to hit the like button near the end, I was troubled by the zoom in almost still frame over the Monster can. Odd to me; very odd. But nobody noticed I guess, until I mentioned it.

  2. Bros, most rap music loving people in my country (Nigeria) listen to the hip hop aspects.but for few like me,who appreciates good rap, you have to give it to de la soul.this is super.

  3. I remember you now;
    a part of what I did then,
    I remember your face.
    Just don't let me trip over memory lane,
    'cause time can't be replaced…
    and I don't want to stay.

    Blessings & Peace from Sydney AUSTRALIA.
    Much love yo.!

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