Police seeking man who slapped his toddler and pulled knife on subway train


man slaps toddler on subway train

New York City buses and trains seem to be ground zero for a lot of angry people after yet another nasty tirade was caught on tape when a man hauled off and slapped a toddler on a subway train, cursed out passengers while threatening them with a knife.

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In June, the madman held up the train while being combative toward another passenger and screaming: “Ain’t nobody telling s— to me! It’s my kid, n—–! Worry about your own kid, n—–!” cops said.

Police released the video on Sunday and asked that people help located the man.

The crazed man hit a 5-year-old child sitting in a stroller twice, the New York Daily News reports. The man with the toddler asked the angry commuter why he was hitting the child and he lashed out.

“Suck my d—, n—!” and “I’m tough by myself n—–!” sources said.

The victim told his daughter she’ll be OK and the deranged man retorts:

“Yeah, tell her it’s fine. F— outta here. Your daddy will get killed on this train, n—!”

Then as the subway doors open and the victim and his child and wife exit the train, the belligerent passenger steps in front of the door, pulls out a knife and screams: “Come out here, bro, I will change your f—ing life! Suck my d—, p—-!” sources said.

He then spat at the family.

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Anyone with information about the man should call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

Another crazy incident on public transportation in New York was caught on video last week.

A woman wearing a headscarf was at the center of a nasty anti-Muslim attack on a New York City bus.

A white woman was caught on video spewing hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric at the woman and made deportation threats while terrifying other passengers.


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