Family Of Beautiful Slain Teen Upset That Her Killer Will Not Face Charges


Memphis teen Britney Allgood had everything going for her. She was a beautiful teen full of life with plans to attend college. However, those plans have been cut short as Allgood was fatally stabbed after she got into a fight with another young lady over a man. While family members are grieving the loss of Allgood, they are also hurt that her killer will not face any charges.

Teen Fatally Stabbed And The Person Responsible Will Not Face Charges:

Britney Allgood was a vibrant young woman with a bright future who was planning to go to college. Family members shared that she was also an aspiring model. Sadly, Allgood won’t get to accomplish her goals as her life was taken by a girl that she had problems with in the past. According to WREG, friends of Allgood allege that this is not the first time the women didn’t see eye to eye. In a Twitter conversation from February, Allgood responded to the other woman by saying she had a knife trying to take her life over a guy that wasn’t hers.  Not only did Allgood and the woman fight but Allgood’s friends and the other woman’s friends had fights before too. Their was bad blood between these two ladies and the tension between the two ladies came to a head on Thursday.

Video footage surfaced of Allgood and another woman engaging in a fight. The video shows Allgood walking to the street as she is heard asking the woman to get out the car.

Get out the car.. You talked all that s**t, Allgood says to the woman.

The woman responds from inside of her car saying she called someone to get her baby. It looks as if the women met at a parking lot preparing to battle. In preparation of the fight, the woman is seen holding a butcher knife. During the fight, the unknown woman allegedly stabbed Allgood in the lungs and heart. Realizing that she has been stabbed, Allgood begs for her friends to take her to the hospital.

Take me to the hospital … I’m losing too much blood, Allgood pleaded from inside a car in a video obtained by WREG. The video was shot moments after Allgood was fatally stabbed.

Watch The Disturbing Video Below:

Memphis Police State That The Alleged Killer Was Defending Herself:

Despite the fact that Allgood’s family claims the woman initiated the altercation with Britney, the police claim that the woman was defending herself. Allgood’s family is devastated as the woman who killed their loved one was acting in self-defense according to the police.

This girl tried to run her over, Randy McNatt, Britney’s grandfather said to WREG. This girl chose to pull in that parking lot and do harm’s way with her baby in the car. She chose that. It is not self defense, it’s murder.

Family members of Allgood feel that they can’t grieve properly as the fight video of Allgood and her alleged attacker has gone viral. In addition to the video being shared, many people have expressed hate towards Britney as they claim that she caused her own death.

Can we grieve the right way? Without having to worry about capturing a memory of her on Facebook and then looking at the bottom to see somebody talk bad about her? Allgood’s stepfather Phillip Brittenum asked.

Not everyone has expressed hate towards Britney as many people were heartbroken that her life was taken over something so small. Celebrity recording artist and Memphis native K Michelle took to Twitter on Thursday to express her condolences over Allgood’s death.


Instead of preparing to go to college, Britney Allgood’s mother is preparing to say her final goodbyes as her life was taken over some mess.

Rest in peace, Britney.




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