Cam’ron Shares An Epic Story About His Son’s Prom Night Rollout


New York rapper Cam’ron has a story to tell. The hip-hop veteran took a minute away from music-making to dish on how he pulled through for his son’s prom night.

Killa Cam hopped on Instagram Wednesday (June 20) with a sneak peek into his mini-me’s prom night goals.

A few days ago, the Harlem hip-hop artist addressed a publicized war of words between his mom and record label Sony over 3LW ghostwriting credits.

“So my mom was just telling me how Sony was hating on her about a song I co-wrote for 3 Little Women (3LW). Nah, Sony’s cool mom, you ain’t gotta go through all that. This is 3 Little Women. This is my name. This is a million sales. Shout-out to Sony. Shout-out to 3 Little Women. Appreciate the opportunity but don’t call my mom a liar. Ghostwriter. For the right price I’ll get your sh*t tighter.”

Last week, Cam’s mom called out Sony for blocking posts about Cam co-writing for 3LW.

Recently, Fredericka Giles hit up IG to suggest Cam received money to help co-write Lil’ Kim‘s “Crush On You” smash.




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