Pregnant Woman Goes On Destructive Rage At Planet Fitness — Over Some Tootsie Rolls?


GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN — You’ve probably seen many videos where people talk big noise but don’t follow up. Well, this isn’t one of those vids. This woman was going all out.

According to Fox 17 – West Michigan, a local Planet Fitness — on 28th Street near the East Beltline — encountered a seriously unruly patron in its lobby on Tuesday, June 12, around 1:30 a.m.

The source says Alexia Delange was able to capture the footage via her cell phone, which shows an alleged 20-year-old pregnant woman wreaking havoc and daring anyone to touch her.

Likewise, Fox 17 reports the situation as follows.

“The incident was caught on cell phone video.  The 20-year-old woman is seen arguing with employees, throwing computer monitors and damaging a phone.  Grand Rapids Police say she is being charged with Malicious Destruction of Property, $200 – $1,000.”

If you’re interested in the video footage, it’s located below.

Several people have made comments regarding the possible reason she was outraged — most of them humorous.

For instance, Timothy Graves states: “She got hit with that annual fee and took her last 29.99 she was suppose to pay her section 8 with 💀”

“Did they not have pizza that night….?” April Renee Burt also asks.

Yet, many commentators claim it was over the tootsie rolls she knocked onto the floor in the first video.


That wasn’t the the end of it. Apparently, the woman thought to come back into the facility. That’s when things escalated further.

Once back in the facility, she targeted the male employee behind the counter. She went from posting him up to taking a swing or two.

Luckily, he didn’t hit back. Due to this young man’s control, things didn’t end a lot worse for her than a simple fall of embarrassment.

She took some real swings, right? Had she connected, she might have done some damage to the man, given her size comparison to his.

With this in mind, Tim Priest comments:

“She come at me like that, equal rights baby, I would have punched her and knocked her f**king a** out.”

A hint of identity…

In the comments, someone from the area — Facebook user Snow VanderLinde — seemed to know the woman, referring to her as “Savannah.” VanderLinde comments as follows.

“Omg come on now girl why you do this your better then that! Savannah bro fr why you gotta break everything? 😂 your a** was always crazy tho one of the reasons i love you but youve been doing so good so im but i get it you can only put up with s**t for so long before you snap but stay smart babygirl.”

However, it’s not confirmed whether she actually knew the woman or not.

Nevertheless, if she was really pregnant, she should’ve considered her child rather than acting a fool in Planet Fitness; because if anything goes wrong with her pregnancy due to her fall, it’s on video that the employee did nothing to her and it was totally her fault alone.

Yet, all in all, what are your thoughts about this incident? Have you ever found yourself witnessing a situation like this? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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