Several Detroit H.S. Graduates Find Out Their Diplomas ‘Aren’t Legit’ — 12 Years For Nothing?


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — How would you feel after attending school and receiving your high school diploma, only to be told by potential employers, “There’s no record”?

According to Fox 2 – Detroit, that’s what happened to Miona Jones and many others who attended a Detroit academy and supposedly received their high school diplomas.

The source says they earned the diplomas, but there’s no record of their accomplishments with Detroit Public Schools.


Reportedly, former students of theDetroit school are having difficulty getting jobs, simply because their prospective employers can’t find proof of their education.

According to Jones, she received a hopeful call from Chrysler after applying for work. She had been waiting for response; however, when it finally came, it was the worst of news.

The source mentions that “bad record keeping” is to blame at Detroit Public Schools.

“Chrysler called and they wanted proof of my high school diploma. I sent them the diploma but there is no proof of the school.”

Allegedly, Fiat Chrysler couldn’t find any proof that Jones or Devanni Robinson — Jones’ friend — completed high school in 2012. The two say their alma mater, Detroit Cares Alternative Academy, seems to have never existed.

NOTE: However, from a simple search, you can clearly find information on the school. There’s a Facebook page — which hasn’t posted since 2011, ironically — as well as a physical address.

“I worked 12 years, fighting in school, fighting to be top of my class, and you tell me it was all for nothing?” Jones questioned emphatically.


To further their efforts, Jones and Robinson attempted to retrieve records from the Detroit Public Schools Community District in person as well as over the phone. Robinson told the source as follows.

“I actually called and the lady said they had no records of our transcripts, diplomas stating that we graduated, nothing.”

“So now I’m without a Chrysler job,” Jones mentioned. “Thanks to the Detroit Public School system and Reverend Sheffield.”

According to the source, Reverend Horace Sheffield was in charge of the nonprofit which oversaw Detroit Cares Alternative Academy from 2007 to its closure in 2012. Supposedly, the school was authorized by Detroit Public School as an “alternative education program.”

Sheffield, who’s out of the country, spoke with the source by phone. He mentioned as follows.

“The Detroit Public Schools is responsible for the management and the maintenance of these records. All of this has been submitted by us and somewhere along the line, some of these records have been lost, misplaced or I’m not sure what happened.”

And, it turns out, Sheffield is correct…

Fox 2 reports that a spokesperson for the Detroit Public School Community District states that, in 2011 and 2012 — while under “emergency management” — the district failed to properly input student records from contract schools like Detroit Cares Alternative Academy into its information system.

Fortunately, after hearing about all the trouble this has caused students, the district says it will ensure those records are entered.

Sheffield says he will reach out to Chrysler and get them the information they need once he gets back in town.

Yet, moreover — as Fox 2 mentions — “the big question now is, how many contract schools did DPS have, and how many former students does this affect?”

But, of course, when the source asked the district these questions, they didn’t give an answer.

Hopefully, things turn around for Miona Jones and her friend — as well as anyone else affected by the district’s records negligence.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this situation. Do you know anyone who has attended this academy? Are they also having similar issues? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Fox 2 Detroit / Twitter]




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