Sad..Restaurant Manager And His Girlfriend Arrested For The Murder Of A Fry Cook


James Goolsby and Norris Jackson both worked at Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Manchester, Connecticut. Goolsby worked as a restaurant manager and Jackson worked as a cook. The two restaurant employees got into a heated argument that led to a fatality. Other restaurant employees were distraught as they couldn’t their boss had murdered an employee.

They fucking with me at work

Posted by Norris Jackson on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Man Shot Co-Worker in Manchester Restaurant After Argument:

James Goolsby,29, was a restaurant manager that worked at Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Manchester, Connecticut. Goolsby’s girlfriend 23-year-old Leanne Robitaille, also worked at the restaurant as well. Father and cook 36 year-old Norris Jackson worked at Bonchon Chicken as well and he was often frustrated. In fact, Jackson took a picture from his place of employment as he mentioned on Facebook that his job was messing with him. Goolsby also reportedly felt the stress from work as he allegedly complained to coworkers that Jackson disrespected him ans his girlfriend.

On December 30th,  Goolsby reportedly approached another cook Tyler Neal, who changed his last name to Figueroa-Vazquez, to complain about a negative review that was on Yelp. While Goolsby was not originally talking to Jackson, Figueroa-Vazquez testified that Jackson felt the need to take up for him. Jackson quickly came to Figueroa-Vazquez’s defense and said, ‘We’re not perfect. We’re going to make some mistakes.’ Jackson’s comment enraged Goolsby. Figueroa-Vazquez revealed that Goolsby left the room and then returned as he got into another argument with Jackson. The men got loud as the argument intensified and Jackson allegedly took off his apron. According to NBC Connecticut,  multiple witnesses informed police that Goolsby  shot Jackson in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Everything Got Out Of Control:

Goolsby acknowledged in court that everything got out of control on December 30th when he got into an argument with fellow restaurant employee Norris Jackson. The argument got heated and the men were ready to fight as Jackson allegedly lunged at Goolsby. Still, Goolsby maintains that he did not plan to kill Jackson. Jackson, an East Hartford resident, died of a gunshot wound to the neck that hit his spinal column. He was shot an additional 3 times. After shooting Jackson, Goolsby reportedly fled the scene with Leanne Robitaille. Goolsby’s girlfriend has also been charged in connection with the shooting as prosecutors say she helped her boyfriend flee from the scene of the deadly shooting. Goolsby is facing a first degree murder charge. In a written statement to the court, Goolsby expressed his regret for fatally shooting Jackson.

I didn’t bring the gun that day to shoot him. I just had it in my hoody pocket, and everything got out of control, Goolsby was said to have written in a statement, the Journal Inquirer reported. This is not the kind of man I am. Norris was a good guy, we were from the same part of Hartford and understood each other. I was trying for a better life and working so hard and so many hours. I don’t know why I got so angry that day. I don’t know why I walked back in to get the last word, but I did not wake up that day thinking I would hurt anybody.

Posted by Norris Jackson on Thursday, January 31, 2013

The restaurant franchise released the following statement after the shooting of their employee, Norris Jackson:

We at Bonchon Franchise are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in Manchester, CT today, and are deeply concerned about the family and friends who are suffering. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their family as we also respect their privacy during this ordeal.






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