Sadaria Davis Was Found Dead And Mutilated At The Age of 15


On April 27th, 15 year-old Sadaria Davis went missing. Davis was last seen leaving her East Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago. Friends and family grew worried as they prayed for her return. Tragically,  her body was found on the floor of a vacant apartment building less than a mile from her home.

What Happened To Sadaria Davis?

Sadaria Davis, 15, was last seen leaving her East Garfield Park neighborhood home in Chicago on April 27th. That the was the last time that she was seen alive. Family and friends hadn’t heard from Davis. No one seemed to know where she was going. Davis’ loved ones used social media to get the word out on her disappearance as they were frantically worried.

Tragically, Davis was found dead in an abandoned building less than a mile away from her home. Rumors have been circulating online that Davis was mutilated and some of her organs were missing. However, the Chicago Police Department has not confirmed those details. There was no indication how Davis died, or why she was in the abandoned building.  According to CBS Chicago,  an autopsy performed on May 12 was inconclusive, pending further investigation, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. Sources are saying that Davis was a friend of the late Kenneka Jenkins.

Sadly, just two weeks after Davis was found dead, another young Chicago woman was reported missing.


Chicago Mother Fears The Worst As Her Daughter Is Now Missing Too:

Chicago mother, Latonya Moore is trying to remain positive but it’s hard. Latonya Moore’s daughter, 26-year-old Shantieya Smith, has been missing for more than a week and it’s unlike her not to call.

I’m praying she’s okay, Moore said to WGNTV. I don’t want to think the worst, though.

Posted by Freedom fighters Chicago Crimes on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Not only is Moore worried about her daughter, but Smith has a 7 year-old daughter who wants her mother home. Moore feels as something is terribly wrong as Smith has not called to check on her child. In an effort to locate her daughter, Moore has passed out flyers, utilized social media, and has even spoken with community activists. SInce, mid-March, 3 women from the west side of Chicago have gone missing.

It appears that Smith, who is affectionately called Nay Nay, was last seen with her boyfriend. However, that man reportedly changed his phone number and is ignoring his Facebook messages. Moore shared that the unknown man allegedly threatened Smith through her god daughter. All of this doesn’t sound good.

Black Women Have Gone Missing And No One Is Talking About It:

Black bodies are not given the same coverage, nor sustained coverage, when they are missing. We live in a society where what’s important is what’s “trending.” Many people have stated that the NBA playoffs as well as the rap beefs have taken place as important news. The Black and Missing Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness about missing people of color and provides support and resources to families, indicates that nearly 40 percent of all missing people in the country are people of color.

There’s an old saying that goes, when you know better, you do better. It is clear that we need to do a better job of getting the word out about our missing black women and girls. We can’t continue to ignore that our stories aren’t being told. If mainstream media won’t cover it, it’s up to us to make a change.




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