Stan Lee Asks Mark Zuckerberg To Help Him Get Back His Facebook

Characters he created are setting box office records as Marvel continues to take over the entertainment world, but in his personal life, Stan Lee seems to be on his heels. Multiple reports of the 95-year-old’s assets being taken advantage of by outside parties have surfaced over the last few months, detailing his bank accounts being emptied, his blood being used for unauthorized signatures on comics, and his inner circle shrinking with what he claims to be a fraudulent sale of his likeness to a Chinese company which he’s suing for one billion dollars.

Now he’s asking Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and his legions of fans for help in getting back his social media accounts. According to Lee, someone hacked his Facebook, but he’s also suing his former company Pow! for selling his social media accounts to Hong Kong-based company Camsing International:




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