Teairra Mari Instagram Allegedly Hacked By Ex, Sextape Uploaded To Followers — Now, She’s Suing


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Teairra Mari’s business was put on BLAST this morning for all her followers to see, and now she’s seeking legal counsel. Somebody’s in trouble!

According to Hip Hop DX, Teairra is labeling the act against her as “revenge porn.” And, as you’d guess, it’s illegal in the State of California.


Earlier this morning, on May 9, Mari’s Instagram page was hacked — allegedly by her ex, Akbar Abdul-Ahad. In the hack, the poster uploaded images and videos of his and Teairra Mari’s sexual relations, uncut.

Like, for real. From fellatio to “money shots,” it was all uploaded to the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star’s Instagram account for all her fans’ and the public’s viewing.

NOTE: Although we won’t provide that footage, do know it was definitely leaps-and-bounds better than Blac Chyna’s.

Nevertheless, during the video, the two could be heard dirty talking during their intercourse activities. However, as Mari points out in her personal statement, someone she trusted with the private footage betrayed her to the utmost degree.


Shortly after 12 p.m., the TV star posted an update regarding the situation.

“Recently, my social media was compromised by someone who I felt was deserving of my love and trust,” Mari states.

“That person proved to be untrustworthy and posted footage of what in the moment was private and sacred. Moving forward, I recognize the need to be more cautious and discerning. My hope is for women to remain strong when they find themselves having to address hateful and juvenile acts by former lovers who find it difficult to act in an adult manner.”

What’s even more interesting though…

Her ex, Akbar, had — just hours prior — posted an update on his own page regarding adulthood and acting rational.

“Don’t ever act off of emotions, always be rational about the decisions/choices you make, that way you will never live life with regret,” Mari’s ex mentions. Here’s the post below.

And even in one of the photos uploaded to Mari’s page, it showed a tattoo of his name on her body.


So, according to Shouse California Law Group (SCLG), revenge porn is punishable under Penal Code 647(j)(4) PC.

The source mentions that revenge porn is very closely related to “invasion of privacy” — that’s when someone secretly takes or records sexual footage of someone without that person’s knowing or consent.

“With revenge porn, in contrast, the ‘victim’ initially knows about and consents to the recording of sexual images of him/her, with the understanding that the images will remain private — but then the defendant distributes those images (usually on the internet) without his/her consent,” SCLG elaborates.

However, while “revenge porn” is only classified as a misdemeanor in California — and is punishable by 6 months in jail or a $1,000 fine — character and public image defamation could hit her alleged ex much harder, especially in the pockets.

According to Stimmel Law, Mari wouldn’t need anything other than tangible or digital proof Akbar defamed her reputation with the footage, and it’s considered libel,” under California Civil Code §§ 45.

The source defines libel as follows.

“Libel includes the more permanent forms of defamatory matter; in California, it consists of a ‘writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye.’”

So, all in all, this is unfortunate for Teairra Mari. However, hopefully, she gets the justice she seeks.

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