Cops Release Graphic Video & Photos Of Prince’s Death Scene And His Final Hours Alive


ILOSM family what you’re about to witness is a heartbreaking reminder that life is not promised to any of us, so let’s remember to hug those we love, every chance we get.

US singer Prince performs on October 11,
Prince  (BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

Now that the criminal investigation into Prince’s death was officially closed, without any criminal charges filed on yesterday (April 19, 2018), the Carver County Sheriff’s Office has just released a massive amount of graphic records involved in Prince’s death investigation. The records include everything from what was found at the scene of the crime, to the 911 call, to witness accounts of what happened, and also many graphic photos and video footage of Prince’s body at the scene of the tragedy, as well as never before scene footage of his private vaults inside his Paisley Park home.

Photos & Video Released

Because the Carver County Attorney’s Office won’t be pursuing criminal charges for Prince’s overdose fentanyl, the records were made public under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The Carver County Attorney’s Office also stated, in a press release, that “Minnesota has a very open and transparent process as it relates to data—even criminal investigative reports and photos of crime scenes.”

Although the sheriff’s office released the uncensored photos of Prince’s body, next to his home’s elevator, as he lay on his back, we refuse to include that here. What we will share is the censored footage from the scene, as well as the never before seen police findings including, the point-of-view video police recorded as they arrived and walked through the areas where Prince’s lifeless body was found in front of his elevator.



Some of the footage also shows Prince’s infamous music vault, which contained wall to ceiling shelves of records, a lot of cash, and other files inside of a very brightly lit vault. They also showed areas of the kitchen where Prince appeared to have eaten some of his favorite kale salad. Also, throughout the home there were several findings of the pills Prince had taken, which ultimately caused his tragic demise.

(VIDEO) Prince Arriving At Doctor’s Office One Day Before Death

Also, another eery piece of footage released in the files, are is of Prince walking into Dr. Michael Schulenberg’s- the doctor who prescribed Prince Percocet pills- office just one day before his death…

Recap Of Prosecutors Decision To Close Prince’s Case

In case you missed our prior report on Thursday abot the latest in the criminal investigation of Prince’s death Here’s what we reported:

City’s Attorney Explains Why No Criminal Charges Will Be Filed…

On Thursday, April, 19, 2018, the prosecutors in Prince’s death case, held a nationwide press conference to reveal whether or not they will be charging anyone for killing Prince, by providing him with the fentanyl pills. The answer is a big fat, NO! Why, you ask? Because apparently they can’t find that person. Here are the details:

Via TMZ- [Carver County attorney Mark Metz] said they could not find sufficient evidence of who supplied the counterfeit pills, and as a result … there will be no criminal charges in his death.

NEW Shocking Detail Behind Prince’s Death…
Weeks after it was recently confirmed by authorities, that Prince had “exceedingly high” levels of fentanyl (which is an opioid) in his system at the time of his death, NEW news has just come out. During Thursday’s press conference, Attorney Metz also dropped another bombshell revelation- Prince probably DID NOT KNOW he was actually taking the drug, fentanyl:

Via TMZ: Prince likely had NO idea he was even taking the fentanyl that ended up killing him, according to prosecutors who have found no one to criminally charge for his death. Carver County Attorney Mark Metz said Prince had taken counterfeit Vicodin that was laced with fentanyl. Metz added it was likely Prince had also taken one of the counterfeit Vicodin when he overdosed on a private jet the week before he died.

Soon after the Carver County Attorney’s Office press conference, news surfaced that just days before, on Monday, Dr. Schulenberg- the doctor who prescribed Prince Percocet pain pills one day before his death- settled a case with the city. He was ordered to pay 30K for his part in the investigation. Read about that HERE.

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