40 years of Hip Hop Documentary By KRS-One (Full Movie)

40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One (Full Movie) BreekpuntKanaal BreekpuntKanaal 2310 438829 Published on Sep 6, 2013 KRS-One shares valuable secrets on the history, meaning and philosophy of…



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4 responses to “40 years of Hip Hop Documentary By KRS-One (Full Movie)”

  1. Sorry, KRS One, but your logic is completely flawed. Sure, having a legititimate member of the hip-hop community and so the culture, who also does the necessary study to become a hip-hop scholar would be a fine thing, fore sure, but it's certainly not a requirement. One can be a member of the culture and not be a hip hop scholar just as one can be a hip hop scholar and not be a member of the hip hop culture. Nobody eats a slice of pizza and says "now I am an expert on Italian cuisine." Your setting up a straw dog. No one would listen to someone who read a few books on the topic and proclaimed themselves a hip-hop scholar, you're correct. But what you're implying is all we have in the world is a bunch of frauds claiming to be hip-hop scholars until you came along. That's hardly true. Would it be preferable to have an Italian, who grew up in Italy and has studied the core material in her native toungue become a scholar in Italian culture? Maybe. Should that be a rule? No. Desire to understand, a love of the subject, a commitment to the thing studied, etc., these are the qualities it takes to become a scholar. For The scholarship of Ancient Rome to continue into the future there has to be students of the subject today who are commited to the subject today. Are they fakes because they're not ancient Romans? If a ten year old kid discovers your first album and it starts in him a burning desire to gain and pass on his knowledge of all things hip-hop will you deny him his dream because he was born in, say, Nevada and not in South Bronx, South, South Bronx? How far into the future can hip-hop scholarship go once the originators die off if they are the only ones permitted to be it's scholars?

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