Mother Sobs In Court As Horrific Details Of Her 3 Year-Old Daughter’s Death Emerge


Shamika Gonzalez sobbed in court as she learned that the man she loved and had a child by, 32 year-old Mark Jenkins, allegedly murdered her 3 year-old daughter, Bella Edwards. According to the NY Daily News, Gonzalez left their family apartment around 7:30 in the morning. Her children, Bella and 3 month-old Logan, were left with her husband, Mark Jenkins. Gonzalez had no idea that she was leaving her children in the hands of a monster. When Gonzalez finally returned home around 6:00 p.m., she discovered Bella in her room unresponsive.

Gonzalez told the New York Daily News that Bella was friendly, beautiful, affectionate, smart and loveable and the best daughter anyone can ask for. She loved and was a very affectionate sister to her baby brother, Logan, she added. She was loved by many who came to know her.

Gonzalez also expressed her regret for not being there to protect her.

Bella Edwards’ Mother’s Boyfriend Has Been Charged With Her Murder:

After Bella Edwards was found unresponsive in her room, Gonzalez and Jenkins. They reportedly tried to revive Bella by administering cpr while they waited for the paramedic to arrive. Emergency responders rushed Bella to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Gonzalez and Jenkins were questioned by the New York Police Department. Additionally, baby Logan was taken to the hospital for evaluation. It’s unclear if baby Logan has been returned to his mother.They were both taken to the 100th Precinct for questioning, reported ABC7, but as of Tuesday morning, no charges had been filed in connection to the toddler’s death. However, after details of Bella’s death emerged, Jenkins was arrested and charged with murder.

To imagine that a little girl died in such a horrific way is a difficult pill to swallow. When ex-con Mark Jenkins appeared at his arraignment, the family of Bella Edwards erupted and chaos ensued. Jenkins served five years in prison on an attempted murder conviction before he was paroled in 2011, officials said. However, there was no prior evidence that suggested that Jenkins was violent towards children. Interesting enough, NYPD did reveal that officers were called to the home that Gonzalez and Jenkins shared twice to settle domestic disputes.

Feed him to the wolves! a male relative of Bella Edwards hollered, referring to accused killer Mark Jenkins.

The monster! screamed a woman sitting nearby. She was three years old!

The family was so upset that the courtroom had to be cleared and the attorney of Jenkins asked that he be placed in protective custody. It’s understandable that the family would be upset as they trusted Jenkins. According to the NY Daily News, police officers believe that Jenkins brutally beat Bella in his car. In court, Assistant District Attorney Leigh Bishop described Bella being beaten so severely to her abdomen that “parts of her abdominal area were literally ripped apart.” Investigators believe that Bella was beaten so severely that she bled to death. Authorities say surveillance video shows Jenkins leaving their home around 2:30 p.m. with Bella and her 3-month-old brother. When they returned about two hours later, there was clearly something wrong with Bella.

We saw the child coming into the building at 4:30, said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce in a press conference. She appeared to be in some kind of distress, it’s hard to articulate. We feel it happened sometime in that car, the assault on this little girl, this little girl was hit about the abdomen. We’re looking back, we’ll do cell sites, we’ll do other things to see where they traveled to, where they stopped at and see if we can get video of any kind of incident somewhere else.

As of right now, additional tests are being performed to see if Bella had been sexually abused.




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