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Kevin Gates – Imagine That [Official Music Video]

Gates releases a heartfelt video for “Imagine That”. Gates opens the video up by sharing a recorded phone call between him and his kid while he’s in prison. For a child, it may be difficult to fully comprehend what her father is going through. However, you could hear in his voice that he’s keeping strong during this time and trying to let his daughter know that everything will work out. The video features shots of Gates’ kids lipsyncing the lyrics to the song. Those shots are cut with footage of his friends, family and members of his BWA team wearing shirts that say “Free Kevin Gates” as they await for his return. It’s a proper visual representation for the stand-out track on the mixtape.

The video’s theme coincides with the open letter he wrote for his fans. In the letter, he says “Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. by this I am speaking in reference to hardship.” The video, in a lot of ways, shows the same. Being in prison doesn’t allow him to be there for his kids in the way he wants to. However, he continues to keep his spirits high despite his current situation.

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