Flavor Flav Is Suing Chuck D

Flavor Flav and Chuck D formed one of Hip Hop’s classic partnerships in Public Enemy

The next time the two see each other it could be in court.

Flav is suing Chuck D, producer Gary G-Wiz and Public Enemy’s managers for stiffing him out royalties.

According to Flav, he co-wrote over 50 of PE’s tracks and has a long-standing agreement to share profits from their music, live concerts, and merchandise. But while Chuck continues to get checks, Flav hasn’t seen one in several years.

He also claims his voice and image were used without his consent on the July 2017 PE album Nothing Is Quick in the Desert. He says he required 75K to be on the album but only got $7,500.

It looks like Flav filed the suit when he realized the other $67,500 wasn’t coming.


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