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Black Professor Says Black Lives Members Should Be ‘Hung’

El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man

In Phoenix, Arizona, a Grand Canyon University professor made an alarming statement last September and is now facing the consequences. When asked about the Black Lives Matter network, Dr. Toby Jennings said some of the members should be “hung.”


Jennings claimed that there were some good aspects of the group, but added, “and you have people on the opposite extreme of that that, frankly, should be hung.” When the audience reacted with shock, Jennings tried to clean it up with, “That kind of rhetoric is not helpful to any conversation and that’s what I mean by they should be hung.” You can watch some of his statements below.

The university said they spoke to Jennings about the incident, but none of  the university heads were notified. “I know some of these gentlemen,” said GCU Honor’s College Dean Antionette Farmer-Thompson, “so why I did not receive a call, I don’t know.”

Jennings is now being suspended and the university has since distanced itself from his statements.  “Yes, it was wrong, but it is an isolated incident and it does not represent who our faculty is and it does not represent who our students are,” said GCU President Brian Mueller.

GCU says they’ve apologized to the Black Lives Matter network and they’ve had private meetings with the group over the incident.


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