50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson Makes Acting Debut in Gritty Drama ‘Dope Fiend’

By Simone Graham Stop the presses! There’s a new urban film coming to television sets in a home near you. It appears that HBO’s Power and BET’s Tales will soon have competition with the award-winning film “Dope Fiend”. Dope Fiend was written and directed by Ron Elliot a former assistant director to Hype Williams; Executive produced by Shawn Lindsey and produced by Janelle Abraham. The film solely takes place within the Bedford-Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn, New York. The forthcoming film highlights the shifting cultural climate within the east coast. This newly produced visual exposes the ugly truths of gentrification; the infestation of drug abuse, gang violence, and how these factors have heavily affected minorities within lower-middle class communities. Ron Elliot wrote the film to follow the lives of Brooklyn native drug dealers whose families are caught between sparing wars with landlords whom are using covert tactics to push residents out of the neighborhood. A fresh face to the on screen drama is 50 Cents 19-year-old son Marquise Jackson. Marquise plays a rookie drug dealer named Bam. Many have assumed he landed the role based upon the Jackson name; Marquise stated the total opposite, in an interview with POWER 105.1. “I had to audition like everyone else, they [producers] didn’t give me any special treatment… They felt that I fit the role best”. Said Marquise. Critics have also weighed in on the estranged relationship between 50 Cent and Marquise. In the past the father and son have had public quarrels via social media; in alleged regards to Fiddy’s blatant absence in Marquise’s life. The No. 1 question is, will the Gangsta rapper turned mogul embrace and support his first born son on his newly found career as an actor? Or will he continue to turn a bind eye and shun Marquise. 50 Cent recently took to social media gloating about the success of Powers 4th season on HBO, as he downplayed Irv Gotti’s BET original, Tales, confidently stating that he will soon takeover BET’s network. 50’s twitter post reads; “ Remember that other show that thought they were in competition with POWER, What happened to it? I don’t hear anyone talking sh*t anymore. Now I’m gonna take over BET”. The film also starred actors from FOX’s Empire, Yoba Elliot and Tobias Truvillion. Adult Swim’s very own Andra Fuller from Black Jesus, Reality Star of VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Dutchess Lattimore and many more. The Ron Elliot original has won its very first award for ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Newark International Film Festival. An exclusive prescreening of the film took place at Tilly’s in Brooklyn on August 2nd. Dope Fiend is set to release nationwide Tuesday, August 29th so stay tuned everyone!

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