Dj Kay Slay Presents: “Whats the Science” Ft Kool Dj Red Alert

DJ Kay Slay has a show called ‘What’s The Science.’

Kay Slay broke down the reason for his show via Instagram, saying “Due to the lack of Knowledge in the HipHop culture I’m starting a new show titled ‘What’s the Science’ dedicated to Educating whoever would like to seek the knowledge of the essence of HipHop. Each episode I will be sitting down with legendary MC’s / DJ’s / Break Dancers / Graffiti Artists / Producers and OG’s with Knowledge of Self. Let’s face it, you can’t continue to hold the young brothers accountable For what they don’t know! Especially if no one is teaching them!! This is at least an opportunity for the ones who do really value the culture over a dollar sign to be enlightened!”

Episode #1 of Kay Slay’s show has surfaced and features the legendary DJ Red Alert. In the episode, Kay Slay gets Red Alert to talk about his beginnings, from first hearing of Kool Herc to how Boogie Down Productions’ “The Bridge Is Over” came about.

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