Afro-American Teen Shot in Ferguson Near Where Mike Brown Was Murdered (Video)

According to Ferguson police A security guard shot a man at the Canfield Green Apartment Complex in Ferguson Tuesday night.

The shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. Police said there was a dog, believed to be a pit bull, running loose in the complex, so a security guard was called in and tried to chase the dog away with a stick.

As the officer was trying to ward off the dog, the owner came out with a pistol and waved it in a threatening manner, police said.

The security guard ordered him multiple times to put the gun down, but, police said, he refused. The security guard then shot the man.

“A security guard rounds the corner, sees him, yells for him to drop the gun a couple of times,” Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss said. “There’s another brandishing of the weapon and the security guard fires. We’re investigating at this point, but it looks pretty clear cut.”

Authorities said the man was taken to a hospital with what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Chief Moss said with Missouri laws on guns and self-defense, it appears the security guard was acting to protect himself and possibly others.

Source: KMOV St. Louis

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