Hip Hop

New Music: Raekwon f. Ghostface Killah – “This Is What It Comes Too (Remix)

Raekwon’s new album, The Wild, is set to arrive on Friday. The first couple singles — “Purple Brick Road” with G-Eazy, “My Corner” with Lil Wayne — have been a pleasant surprise, including the rugged opening single, “This Is What It Comes Too.” (Yes, we know it’s supposed to be “to.” Rappers.) That song now has gotten a remix with The Chef’s longtime brother Ghostface Killah.

Using their 25-year chemistry to their advantage, Tony Starks fits naturally on the remix, which the Wu-Tang members use paint stories of desperation while growing up in a concrete jungle.

“Ghost is my brother and we’ve been on this blessed journey for a while now,” Raekwon told Billboard, who premiered the remix. “Me and Ghost are an institution and I know the fans were calling for a remix, so this is what it comes to: Ironman Lunch Mix.”

Listen to the remix below, and pre-order The Wild on iTunes.


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