Hip Hop

Rick Ross Sends Shots At Birdman On “Idols Become Rivals”


Rick Ross  releases his ninth studio album, Rather You Than Me. The first under his new deal at Epic Records, the album has undoubtedly attracted more attention for its third track “Idols Become Rivals.”

With a (random) rant from Chris Rock to open the track, Rick spends over five minutes tearing into Birdman. Once friends, as well as a person Rick looked up to, things have completely fallen apart between the two, and Rick wastes no time calling out the Cash Money honcho about his alleged shady business practices, double-crossing of various friends and more.

Produced by Black Metaphor, the song features the same sample heard on Jay Z & Beanie Sigel’s “Where Have You Been.” Which makes perfect sense, since Jay and Beans were dragging their deadbeat fathers through the mud. Now, Ross is going at Wayne’s pops.

“The level of respect and love that I have for Lil Wayne makes it hard to sit back and not speak on the situation,” Ross said in an Instagram post. “The streets need you. Being a Boss means having the courage to say the things everybody thinking but scared to say.”

Upon hearing the record, Wayne offered the following as a response:



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