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Nicki Minaj Claps At PartyNextDoor For Insinuating He Ghostwrote

Nicki Minaj released three new songs this week. One of them titled “Regret in Your Tears” is about an ex-lover who didn’t appreciate what he had until it was gone.

Some fans of OVO Sound recording artist, PartyNextDoor, automatically assumed he ghostwrote the tune. They started sending him congratulatory tweets. Some of which he clicked the like button on.





Nicki caught wind of the insinuations and threw up a stop sign.

“Party Next Door had NOTHING to do w/ #RegretInYourTears – n*gga aint never heard that song a day in his life. Bless y’all heart,” she wrote on the social networking site. “Not sure why he was ‘liking’ tweets. Maybe it was just ‘funny’ to him. Maybe he was…’hacked’. Lol. Either way. #DisTewMuch FOH. he musta thought the caption said ‘work’. Lol the internet gettin spooky, man. Like da n*gga NEVER heard the song a DAY in his LIFE.”


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