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Young Thug Wanted By Police For Slapping A Woman At A Nightclub (Video)


Jerrika Karlae’s longstanding beef with singer AKbar V spilled on to the streets a few weeks back, and a video was taken outside of the Palace in Atlanta, moments after it went down, began to circulate the internet over the weekend. While viewers of the recording are not exposed to any actual violence, the voices of the party responsible for capturing the commotion seem to suggest that somebody got slapped and that whoever it was might be rewarded handsomely should they select to file a lawsuit.

The remarks would seem to back the claims of AKbar V, who in eventually sharing the video alluded to Young Thug allegedly coming to Jerrika’s defense and putting hands on her, when they crossed paths.

“Lame as f*ck @thuggerthugger1 @thejerrikakarlae u talking all that sh*t threw the f*cking car call thug to come save u h* u lame,” wrote AKbar. Before explicitly stating that Thugger struck her, she called out Palace’s security staff, accusing them of watching and allowing the rapper to get physical. “@thejerrikakarlae started with me u wrong I need yall to witness this palace security letting him slap me,” she wrote.

Karlae would publish a live stream in which she attempted to clear her fiance’s name, disputing AKbar’s allegations. She also engaged the RapAlert Instagram page on the matter, stating: “Thug didn’t touch her he actually asked her nicely to move from his vehicle! And besides you so gangsta but you called the police on him knowing you was outside harassing us.”

Source: instagram.com

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