Bronx Man Hops Subway Turnstile, Gets Booked for 1999 Murder

A Bronx man literally tried to get one over on the MTA and ended up getting booked for a 1999 homicide. According to police, 41-year-old Curtis Batchelor was arrested last week after his DNA was linked to the murder of a 56-year-old woman in 1999. Batchelor was ordered by the state to provide a DNA sample for the New York State criminal database after he plead guilty to a felony drug trafficking charge in 2013. However, reports noted that Batchelor never showed up to provide that DNA sample, and went on to stay free from jail for the next three years without any links to that murder.

Batchelor ended up gettting arrested on January 14, 2016 for fare evasion after a cop caught the man trying to use a student Metrocard to hop on the train at the 59th Street station. The charge against him was let go, but once police noticed that he had an unanswered order from the court to provide a DNA sample, Batchelor was forced to provide one. In the following months, his DNA was linked to the murder of Elsa Grullon. Cops then sought out Batchelor, who they ended up finding in Virginia.


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