Hip Hop

New Music: 2 Chainz – “Good Drank” (Trap Choir Version)

“Good Drank” is a flawless song. 2 Chainz’s verse is pure inspiration (“All we ever want to do is ball!”). Gucci gives his most entertaining performance since coming home from prison. And this might just be the best in a long — and seemingly endless — line of incredible Quavo hooks. I’m pretty sure he was levitating in the booth when he got to “and your girl, call her cum faaaace” (this is a disputed line, but it’s so amazing I refuse to believe he says anything different).

The only reason anyone would want to take Quavo off “Good Drank” is to replace him with a trap choir, which is exactly what 2 Chainz did during his performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. And with the gospel-infused rendition getting so much love, Tity Boi decided to bless the world with the CDQ of “Good Drank 2.0,” complete with his extended outro.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music drops April 7.

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