Lawyers for Nicki Minaj’s Brother Ask for Alleged Child Victim’s Sexual History

Jelani Maraj’s defense team has reportedly made a final push to position his case for the best verdict possible in the lead up to his rape trial later this month. Among the requests they’ve issued to the judge, is that the court makes details about Maraj’s 12-year-old accuser’s sex life available to them.

Maraj faces an uphill battle toward proving his innocence since it was revealed that DNA samples revealed evidence of his semen on the alleged victim’s pants. He was offered a deal that would have given him a sentence of 15 years to life following the discovery but turned it down intent upon allowing the legal to take its course. Now his attorneys are attempting a strategy of having his top charge batted down, and evidence was thrown away.

According to lawyer David Schwartz, there are several problems with the top charge, beginning with the fact that to his estimation prosecutors failed to articulate what exactly it was that Maraj was being accused of, in their statute. The charge should thus be thrown out for its lack of integrity, he argued, if not for its vagueness, for it being comprised of the same elements of his other charge. Maraj is facing charges of predatory sexual assault against a child and sexual conduct against a child.

Schwartz also wants the evidence found with the semen sample on it tossed. He points to the fact that the officer who served the warrant admitted to having “reasonable cause” to search, but not probable cause. “Reasonable cause just doesn’t cut it,” Schwartz told Bossip. “We think it’s bad.”

Maraj is accused of having raped and sodomized the underage girl over an eight month period before she filed a report against him. In the time since, his sister Nicki Minaj has come through for him by reportedly putting up the money for his defense and to fund a private investigator.

Source: Bossip

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