Charlotte Cops Say Young Dolph 100-Round Shootout Connected To “Entertainment Industry”

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina released a few details about a wild shootout that took place downtown last Saturday, during CIAA weekend.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, over 100 rounds of gunfire were exchanged between two parties during the incident, which exploded on a commercial street in downtown Charlotte, about 30 minutes before the tip off of the championship game.

The cops said bullets were fired from two vehicles, and at least one high-powered automatic weapon was used to squeeze off so many rounds.

Authorities seized a minivan which crashed at the scene and retrieved a cache of weapons from the vehicle.

“I would just say it was more than… there was some high-powered – at least one we believe was used and an assortment of others,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

Deputy Estes said that the issues involved two groups of men who are “to the entertainment industry.”

“We are exploring the possibility that this involved some sort of groups related to the entertainment industry,” Deputy Chief Estes said.

“There’s some evidence that we’ve collected – of course, shell casings and other evidence that I won’t specifically mention,” Estes said. “But we are well on our way to some sort of resolution.”

Shortly after the shooting erupted, reports begin to circulate that the intended mark was rapper Young Dolph, who was purportedly in a bulletproof minivan when the gunfire occurred.

Dolph and fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti have issued vicious diss tracks against one another, and they were both in town during CIAA weekend, prompting speculation that it was their crews involved in the gunbattle.



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