Casanova 2X Talks His 7-Year Prison Bid, 3 Years Solitary Confinement Driving Him Insane, Getting Knocked For a Robbery He Didn’t Commit, Prison Violence (Video)

While his time in prison, Casanova 2X talks about spending nearly seven years getting into bloody fights, being forced into solitary confinement for three years and meeting his good friend Taxstone on Rikers Island. In this in-depth interview with DJ Vlad, the rapper says, though, he was written up for stabbing 3-4 people, he says in total it could have been 12 people during the melees that caught the sharp end of his weapon. Most would assume that would be enough to give the rapper the maximum punishment he says it wasn’t until he was caught boofing (smuggling cocaine and razors in his a***) that led him to serve nearly three years in solitary confinement, causing him to lose his mind.
The Brooklynite says after his time in the box, he was released at the age of 27 and back on the streets for two months before getting locked up for a robbery he did not commit.
Watch the interview below.


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