Boosie on Remy & Nicki: When Did All You B****es Start Hating Nicki So Bad?

Boosie recently took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the beef!

“Now I’m not taking sides with Nikki Minaj or Remy Ma cause that’s not what I do but I got to speak on this. When did all you b****es start hating Nikki so bad. Y’all the same b****es was just Nikki crazy knowing all her punch lines, saying she harder than all male rappers, dressing like her, etc. Everywhere I would go I would here “nobody ain’t f***ing with Nikki” now most of the same h**s told me that have completely turned on this Girl / People r so f***ing fake. This post go make u think like dam i am a fake a** b***h,” he wrote.

via: vladtv

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